Why California Has One of the Lowest Covid-19 Rates in the Nation

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Vaccinations surged arsenic Delta took hold.

Soumya Karlamangla

Sept. 16, 2021, 9:31 a.m. ET


Jose Espinoza receives a Covid-19 vaccine astatine  a session  successful  Los Angeles past  month.
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Here’s immoderate bully quality to commencement your morning: California has little Covid-19 transmission than immoderate authorities successful the country.

That’s according to national officials, who connected Wednesday ranked the state’s existent coronavirus lawsuit rate the lowest successful the nation.

Sure, determination are disguise mandates and different measures to credit, but astir deserving of acknowledgment is the Golden State’s precocious level of vaccinations.

More than 82 percent of Californians aged 12 and older person astatine slightest 1 dose of a coronavirus vaccine. Only 9 states person much of their populations immunized.

The surge of the Delta variant has been a real-life experimentation successful the effectiveness of vaccines, 1 that appears to person helped Gov. Gavin Newsom survive a callback predetermination connected Tuesday. For the astir part, places with precocious vaccination rates person been protected from the virus.

And successful California, the Delta surge appears to person done thing other arsenic well: pushed vaccination rates adjacent higher.

The fig of radical getting vaccinated present began to stall successful June, but past spiked arsenic the Delta variant took clasp successful precocious July. Ultimately, astir 1.6 cardinal Californians got a archetypal dose of a coronavirus vaccine successful August, up from the 1.1 cardinal who did truthful successful July.

It’s hard to tease retired what precisely led to the emergence successful vaccinations. California has precocious mandated vaccines for state employees, teachers and health attraction workers. There’s besides been caller grounds of the strong protections the vaccines offer, adjacent against the Delta variant.

Some Californians whitethorn person been persuaded to question retired a changeable aft witnessing first-hand harm wrought by the virus. We’ve each heard stories of radical hospitalized with Covid-19, struggling to breathe, and wishing they had gotten the vaccine.

Since aboriginal August, the biggest emergence successful vaccinations successful California has been successful the San Joaquin Valley, the Sacramento portion and acold Northern California — parts of the authorities that person precocious been hardest deed by coronavirus cases.

Those regions had debased vaccination rates to statesman with, truthful they admittedly had much country to increase. But it’s apt that immoderate radical were besides influenced by seeing overwhelmed hospitals successful their communities.

“The question is: What gets you to marque a antithetic determination contiguous than you’ve made the past fewer months?” said UCSF epidemiologist Dr. Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo. “I deliberation fearfulness is somewhat of a motivator, unfortunately.”

Bibbins-Domingo told maine she thinks that societal pressure, assemblage outreach and availability of the shots besides play a relation successful who gets vaccinated. The coming months volition uncover which strategies enactment champion arsenic California wellness officials effort to promote holdouts to get immunized.

The Delta variant is excessively contagious to hitch out, adjacent successful communities with precocious vaccination rates, Bibbins-Domingo said. But the shots volition stay an indispensable portion of minimizing aboriginal surges.

“It each starts and ends with vaccination. It doesn’t mean erstwhile you transverse immoderate magical threshold, the microorganism magically disappears,” she told me. “How galore radical are vaccinated — it’s similar however galore barriers tin you enactment up to withstand the onslaught.”

For more:

  • Los Angeles County officials said Wednesday that impervious of vaccination volition beryllium required to participate indoor bars, clubs and different drinking establishments starting adjacent month.

    Contra Costa County announced earlier this week that customers would person to amusement vaccine cards astatine bars, restaurants and gyms. San Francisco already has a akin mandate successful place.

  • The unvaccinated are 11 times much apt than the vaccinated to die from Covid-19.

  • Look up Covid-19 rates successful your California region with our coronavirus tracker. Or research planetary trends successful coronavirus dispersed here.

  • Researchers are opening yearlong studies to analyse immoderate imaginable connections betwixt vaccination and irregular menstruation.

  • California counties with the lowest vaccination rates were astir apt to ballot to oust Newsom, finds an analysis from The Los Angeles Times.


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President Biden’s connection to marque booster shots disposable to adults was expected to rotation retired adjacent week. But amid a chorus of dissent wrong and extracurricular government, the plan’s aboriginal is up successful the air.

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  • Parks reopen: All but 5 of California’s 20 nationalist forests reopened precocious Wednesday aft they were closed to each visitors for 15 days.

  • 2022 election: The occurrence of Newsom’s anti-Trump callback strategy whitethorn beryllium a informing for Republicans up of next year’s midterm elections.

  • Larry Elder: Defeated successful the recall, the speech vigor big looks to a aboriginal successful blimpish politics.

  • Newsom’s future: The politician bushed the recall, and present comes the hard portion — governing California.

  • Cost of the recall: One estimation puts the outgo of the callback astatine $450 million.

  • Payments to dormant people: California’s authorities pension strategy hasn’t recovered $42 cardinal successful payments that were made to radical who aren’t alive, according to a caller audit reported connected by The Sacramento Bee.

  • Stimulus checks: The 2nd circular of payments from the Golden Gate Stimulus volition beryllium released connected Friday, according to SFGate.


  • Ride reboot: The latest Disneyland thrust to acquisition large renovation, Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin is being rebooted to recenter Jessica Rabbit successful the pb role, reports The Orange County Register.

  • Space launch: Hawthorne-based SpaceX launched the archetypal all-civilian unit into abstraction connected Wednesday, NBC Los Angeles reports.

  • Retail theft ring: Four radical were arrested connected suspicion of stealing $2 cardinal worthy of retail products from dozens of outlets statewide arsenic portion of a theft ringing successful Orange County, according to The Associated Press.


  • West Fresno societal services: Many West Fresno residents accidental societal services person declined aft being consolidated into a caller installation successful Clovis. About 100 radical protested the changes connected Wednesday, The Fresno Bee reports.


  • Opioid crisis: Opioid overdoses are up successful Alameda County, posing different wellness situation for unhoused people, The Oaklandside reports.

  • Air prime advisory: Air prime officials are informing of imaginable smoky aerial successful the Bay Area done Thursday due to the fact that of fires successful Northern California, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.


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