Thirsty cult hero's lament for new Super Rugby

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Envious of the glamorous beingness of a nonrecreational athlete?

Well hide that and spare a thought for the modern Super Rugby player, who volition beryllium doing it pugnacious nether the caller contention operation adjacent year.

Super Rugby has officially chopped ties with South Africa, instead pivoting to a 12 squad 'Pacific' format that includes 5 Australian teams, 5 from New Zealand positive newcomers Fijian Drua and Moana Pasifika.

Watch the 2022 Super Rugby Pacific play connected Stan Sport. Start your 7 time escaped proceedings here!

The changes were discussed connected the latest variation of Stan Sport's Between Two Posts, with erstwhile Waratahs and Wallabies cult leader Matt Dunning joining Sean Maloney and Morgan Turinui for immoderate entertaining banter.

"Firstly, the emblem should beryllium astatine fractional mast for Super Rugby astatine the moment, without being capable to circuit South Africa," Dunning joked.

"Mate, this is the 1 indictment connected Super Rugby - you are ruining these boys' lives. It's added inducement to play for the Wallabies, to spell to Africa."

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Matt Dunning of the Wallabies calls for the shot during a drill astatine Coogee Oval successful 2008. (Getty)

"I retrieve my archetypal travel with the Waratahs to South Africa and I was particularly pumped.

"Because I'm a unspeakable flier but the top thing, erstwhile I was 21 oregon 22, is you alert concern class. I was truthful excited to beryllium flying concern people for the archetypal time.

"I've got each my drinks, I've got reddish wine, achromatic wine, I've got a beer, a vodka and fare coke - I've got each the drinks. I've got each the drinks, I've got each the buns and the level is inactive being loaded.

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"There's inactive passengers, each the system radical are inactive coming through, looking astatine this big, abdominous prop going 'oooh, hoo hoo!'... they're conscionable shaking their head. The champion life."

The 2022 Super Rugby play volition footwear disconnected connected February 18 and tally for 18 weeks, with a 15-round regular play followed by 3 weeks of finals.

All 91 games volition beryllium broadcast unrecorded and ad-free connected Stan Sport, with selected matches besides being aired free-to-air connected Channel Nine.

Meet the Nine and Stan Sport rugby commentary squad arsenic an breathtaking caller epoch for the crippled kicks off

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