'Stupidity': How Elliott landed in hot water again

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Bulldogs shot manager Phil Gould wants to rapidly woody with Adam Elliott's latest off-field indiscretion aft helium was stood down implicit an incidental successful a Gold Coast restaurant.

Canterbury contiguous stood down Elliot for the club's remaining 2 games of the play aft it was revealed the NRL Integrity Unit was investigating his behaviour astatine a restaurant.

It is understood Elliott, whilst successful the institution of NRLW subordinate Millie Boyle, was asked to permission the establishment.

The contented connected Gold Coast comes conscionable months aft the Bulldogs back-rower sought professional assistance for an intoxicant occupation pursuing a drawstring of off-field issues.

Gould, who precocious became Canterbury's caller wide manager of football, revealed Elliott had touched intoxicant for the archetypal clip successful 7 months erstwhile the incidental occurred.

"That's yet to beryllium determined," Gould told Nine's 100% Footy erstwhile asked what Elliott's aboriginal looks like.

Adam Elliott of the Bulldogs (Getty)

"He was interviewed by the NRL Integrity Unit this day and I've spoken to them this evening, collating a study for the Bulldogs' board. Beyond that, I can't speech excessively much.

"Adam has been precise honorable successful his relation and what took spot and he's been rather remorseful.

"Adam arsenic we cognize has been getting intoxicant counselling for the past 7 months, helium hasn't had a portion for 7 months.

"He decided to portion immoderate intoxicant yesterday and he's coiled up successful this position.

"He was asked to permission a premises, which helium complied, and we've spoken to the premises and they've said helium was nary problem. He complied consecutive distant arsenic soon arsenic helium was asked to leave.

"What led up to that volition beryllium revealed successful the adjacent fewer days... but we volition determination rapidly and effort to resoluteness the substance arsenic rapidly arsenic possible."

Phil Gould (Getty)

Gould revealed helium spoke to Elliott astir his troubled past and however media would bring it up erstwhile discussing the people of enactment to beryllium taken against him

"As I explained to Adam today, incidents similar this let the media to bring up the past and that tin beryllium hurtful to different radical astatine that clip arsenic well," Gould added.

"There person been a fig of incidents successful the past 12 oregon 18 months, evidently looking from the extracurricular in... I present person entree to greater accusation and it allows them (media) to regurgitate each that worldly which exacerbates this concern here.

"It's an incidental wherever the players yesterday day had a nine relation and went backmost to the edifice and had a relation with the players' wives and families, and everyone astatine 8 o'clock was told to spell to bed, they did.

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"A fewer of the girlfriends went retired and past the partners went retired to person a portion with them to travel back, and a fewer of the azygous blokes decided to tag on arsenic good and that's wherever they've enactment themselves successful this environment.

"Grade 5 stupidity astatine the moment."

Gould said helium was assured that nary COVID-19 breaches were made, with the club, on with the remainder of the competition, currently successful Queensland owed to the state-wide lockdown affecting New South Wales.

"I don't deliberation they've breached immoderate COVID rules, which the integrity portion is present looking at... but arsenic I say, each clip a subordinate similar Adam Elliott, who has a database of priors, puts himself retired determination to beryllium criticised again," helium added.

"That affects the club, the brand, the sponsors, the fans and peculiarly erstwhile the nine isn't performing precise well, it leaves a sour sensation successful everyone's rima that's associated with the club. It has to beryllium dealt with swiftly."

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