Kinzinger: Trump Administration’s Agreement with Taliban “Set This Up to Fail”

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Speaking connected CNN, Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said that the Trump administration’s statement with the Taliban to retreat from Afghanistan acceptable the ongoing evacuation process “up to fail.”

“Let’s support successful mind, [former Secretary of State] Mike Pompeo met with the Taliban. As Donald Trump was publically saying, ‘We person to get retired of Afghanistan astatine each costs. It’s not worthy it,’ Mike Pompeo meets with the Taliban and tries to negociate something,” Kinzinger said connected “State of the Union.” “They acceptable this up to fail. But always, of course, Joe Biden could person easy turned this around, and alternatively utilized it arsenic the excuse to get out.”

Kinzinger said that “both parties person failed the American radical and it can’t continue. And it peculiarly can’t proceed with conscionable pointing fingers portion America is embarrassed successful beforehand of the world.”

You tin perceive Kinzinger’s remarks successful the video below.

.@RepKinzinger (R-IL) calls Republican "fear-mongering" astir Afghan refugees "non-American." Kinzinger to Republicans who bash this: "a) you are either evil astatine your bosom yourself oregon b) you're charlatan who's lone funny successful winning an election..."


Kinzinger’s statements came aft Pompeo, who negotiated the Trump administration’s woody with the Taliban, blamed President Joe Biden for the Taliban’s takeover adjacent though Biden had simply pledged to grant the Trump administration’s agreement, albeit connected an extended deadline.

“When the Taliban pushed connected the Trump administration, we pushed back adjacent harder and imposed real outgo and erstwhile the Biden administration pushed, they withdrew to a commercialized airport that successful nary mode has the capableness to get our radical retired with the speed that needs to hap to keep them safe,” Pompeo said during an quality connected Fox News.

He added: “This is an incompetent method of getting our folks retired and presents existent risk. I commune that we get them each home but I’m watching contiguous adjacent now they haven’t yet organized successful a way to propulsion the American power out successful a mode to marque definite that we tin get Americans retired of the country.”

Commenting connected Pompeo’s remarks, PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley says, “Joe Biden is cleaning up Trump and Pompeo’s mess. New polling shows that the withdrawal is not hurting Biden’s popularity. Mike Pompeo’s lies and working, arsenic it is wide that by blaming Biden for thing that a bulk of Americans want, Pompeo isn’t scoring governmental points. He is reinforcing the failures of the Trump administration.”

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