How to send a LinkedIn voice message, because that's a thing now

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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is trying to travel up with caller ways to get you to really usage the service.

One specified illustration of that is dependable messaging. It's a fashionable diagnostic successful a fig of messaging apps similar WhatsApp and Telegram, truthful LinkedIn evidently thought it made consciousness connected its much business/employment focused web too.

 In a blog station announcing the feature, LinkedIn asked its users, "Have you ever typed retired a agelong connection and thought astir however overmuch faster and easier it would beryllium to accidental it retired loud?" It past added, "To springiness you much ways to person conversations, we’ve present added the quality to grounds and nonstop dependable messages up to 1 infinitesimal successful LinkedIn Messaging."

In this usher we'll amusement you however to usage it, conscionable successful lawsuit you should ever find yourself utilizing the LinkedIn app and abruptly get the itch to nonstop your connections a dependable message.


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How to nonstop a LinkedIn dependable message

First, unfastened the LinkedIn app connected your smartphone. Then, travel these 4 elemental steps:

  1. Open your messages by tapping the messages icon successful the apical close corner
  2. Tap the mic icon successful the mobile messaging keyboard.
  3. Tap and clasp connected the microphone successful the ellipse to grounds your dependable message.
  4. Release your digit to nonstop the dependable message.

How to cancel a LinkedIn dependable message

To cancel a dependable connection earlier sending it, descent your digit distant from the microphone icon portion holding it down.

How bash you perceive to a dependable message?

Go to your LinkedIn inbox, unfastened up immoderate caller messages, and if you spot a dependable message, click the play button. Voila!

When volition LinkedIn dependable messaging beryllium available?

It's been disposable since summertime 2018, erstwhile it archetypal launched for some large mobile platforms. 

Why is this a thing?

LinkedIn said dependable messaging is large for "explaining longer oregon much analyzable ideas without the clip and engagement of typing and editing a message." Also, it added, "speaking successful your ain dependable allows you to physique a much idiosyncratic transportation and efficaciously communicate."


 The eventual  guide

Best iPhone apps 2021: The eventual guide By Maggie Tillman · 23 August 2021

Is determination thing other you should know?

Voice messaging is disposable successful the LinkedIn app connected iOS and Android. You tin person dependable messages connected mobile and connected the web.

Oh, and your messages tin beryllium up to one-minute long.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Editing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 28 July 2018.

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