Henri Forecast: More Rain in the Northeast

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A inferior  rod  was near  bent implicit    by Tropical Storm Henri successful  South Kingstown, R.I., connected  Sunday.
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Johnny Diaz

  • Aug. 23, 2021, 8:10 a.m. ET

A time aft the fierce winds of Tropical Storm Henri battered the Northeast, knocking retired powerfulness to thousands and causing flooding from New York City to Rhode Island and beyond, the storm, present a slow-moving tropical depression, was expected to bring different circular of dense rains and flooding to portions of confederate New England and the bluish Mid-Atlantic States connected Monday.

As of 5 a.m. connected Monday, the strategy was astir stationary and located astir 60 miles north-northwest of New York City. It was moving eastbound astatine 1 mile per hr with maximum sustained winds of 30 m.p.h., according to the National Weather Service.

“It’s stalled close now, but should statesman moving dilatory to the eastbound aboriginal this greeting and into the afternoon,” Dennis Feltgen, a meteorologist and spokesperson for the National Hurricane Center, said connected Monday morning.

  1. Montauk, N.Y., Sunday
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  2. Helmetta, N.J., Sunday
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  3. Jamestown, R.I., Sunday
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  4. Queens, Sunday
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  5. Eatons Neck, N.Y., Sunday
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He said the top interaction from the strategy would beryllium much dense rain. About 5 to 8 inches of rainfall had already fallen crossed bluish New Jersey and successful the New York metro area. Central Park acceptable a grounds on Saturday for the astir rainfall successful a azygous hr erstwhile 1.94 inches fell betwixt 10 and 11 p.m.

“Rain is inactive falling and volition proceed today,” helium added. The latest rainfall totals included up to 6.32 inches of rainfall successful Brooklyn, astir 6.5 inches successful Lyndhurst, N.J., and arsenic overmuch arsenic 2.58 inches successful Durham, Conn.

Henri is expected to driblet an further 1 to 3 inches of rainfall connected Monday, with higher amounts imaginable successful immoderate areas, implicit portions of Long Island, New England, southeast New York, New Jersey and eastbound Pennsylvania.

The rainfall volition effect successful flash, municipality and tiny watercourse flooding, Mr. Feltgen said. Flood warnings were successful effect for bluish New Jersey and southeastern New York State and elsewhere.

“Motorists should not effort to thrust astir barricades oregon thrust done flooded areas,” Mr. Feltgen said, noting that astir flood deaths instrumentality spot successful vehicles. “Turn around, don’t drown,” helium added.

Before it weakened, Henri was a tropical tempest that slammed the Northeast on Sunday. The strategy wiped retired powerfulness successful astir of coastal Rhode Island, forced evacuations successful Connecticut, stranded dozens of motorists successful New Jersey and shattered rainfall records successful New York City.

The system, which made landfall successful Rhode Island, spared the portion the brunt of what was predicted. During its highest connected Sunday afternoon, the tempest near much than 140,000 households without powerfulness from New Jersey to Maine.

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