Google's in-house smartwatch, aka Pixel Watch, could launch in 2022

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(Pocket-lint) - Google's long-rumoured smartwatch is acceptable to motorboat successful 2022.

According to a new study from Insider, Google is moving connected a smartwatch. It is internally codenamed Rohan, and it's being worked connected by Google’s Pixel hardware group, which is abstracted from Fitbit. Remember, Google bought Fitbit for $2.1 cardinal earlier this year.

The institution has agelong been rumoured to beryllium moving connected a smartwatch that volition usage the Pixel branding, but small successful the signifier of existent grounds has emerged. In fact, it's not adjacent wide Google volition really beryllium calling its smartwatch a "Pixel Watch". But it's worthy noting Google, for a fig of years, has sold "Pixel" smartphones, a marque that's been utilized connected different products, specified arsenic the Pixel Buds earbuds and Pixelbooks laptops.

At the moment, according to reports, Google's ticker is expected to outgo much than a Fitbit. It'll adjacent vie straight with the Apple Watch.

It should person basal fittingness tracking features, specified arsenic measurement counting and a bosom complaint monitor. It mightiness adjacent person Fitbit integration into Wear OS, acknowledgment to an effort codenamed Nightlight. Keep successful caput Google is presently tinkering distant connected Wear OS 3, successful concern with Samsung.

Google and Samsung are merging the Tizen level into Google’s. So far, Wear OS 3 has launched connected Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4. Perhaps Google's watch, aka the Pixel Watch, volition tally Wear OS 3, too.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 3 December 2021.

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