Creators Behind Clash of Clans Reveal New Worldbuilding IP Everdale

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The developer behind mobile hits similar Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Supercell, revealed Everdale today, an wholly caller IP for the company. Set successful a tranquil phantasy realm, Everdale volition task its players to enactment unneurotic to physique up their villages. The cooperative mobile crippled aims to beryllium a highly societal acquisition centered astir bully times and relaxing escapades alternatively than looting and combat. Though the crippled is entering beta, the squad cautions players that everything they spot is inactive a enactment successful advancement and could alteration passim development.

Supercell besides released an announcement trailer to springiness players immoderate thought of what to expect successful its caller project. The colorful satellite takes halfway stage, highlighting Everdale’s much light-hearted tone. The six-minute video also shows disconnected the team’s imaginativeness down immoderate of the game’s features, similar colony building, the upgrading system, money-making tasks, and assemblage collaboration. To execute the consciousness of assemblage important to Everdale’s premise, Supercell worked connected a strategy that allows 10 players successful the aforesaid crippled to ticker everyone’s advancement arsenic it unfolds, thing the squad hopes volition acceptable Everdale isolated from different akin gathering games. To larn more, cheque retired the trailer below:

Everdale is not the lone robust successful the occurrence astatine Supercell, arsenic the workplace besides announced 3 different caller projects this year. Clash Quest, Clash Mini, and Clash Heroes mightiness each carnivore the Clash name, but each has its ain chiseled identity. Clash Quest, which is successful beta now, is simply a turn-based strategy rubric acceptable that promises land hopping and large brag battles. The committee game-inspired Clash Mini lets players presumption figures connected a small tract of conflict to get the precocious manus successful accelerated bouts. Clash of Heroes, meanwhile, lets players instrumentality the series’ recognizable characters connected fresh, top-down quests. You tin larn much astir each crippled and what to expect from them in this breakdown.

While these iterations connected the Clash look are welcome, it is absorbing to spot Supercell present a wholly caller IP to its portfolio. It’s uncertain erstwhile Everdale volition get an authoritative launch, but the crippled is successful beta successful definite regions starting today.

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