Caro staggered at Lloyd's 'unfathomable' Teague call

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Veteran footy writer Caroline Wilson and Essendon fable Matthew Lloyd person vastly antithetic takes connected Carlton's determination to hold their telephone connected manager David Teague's future.

While Carlton were expected to clarify Teague's aboriginal connected Monday, connected the backmost of the outer reappraisal into the shot department, president Luke Sayers alternatively sent a missive to Blues members saying the nine would "take the indispensable clip required to sorb this review".

Wilson and Lloyd some judge Carlton person postponed their telephone connected Teague due to the fact that they're awaiting an reply from erstwhile Hawthorn manager Alastair Clarkson, who coached the Hawks for the last clip connected Saturday.

But portion Wilson thinks Teague should person been "put retired of his misery" connected Monday, Lloyd suggested the Blues' determination to postpone their telephone could constituent to the nine considering retaining the under-fire coach.

"What happens present is conscionable bonzer for David Teague," Wilson said connected Nine's Footy Classified.

Caroline Wilson and Matthew Lloyd. (Nine)

"Do they deliberation they would support David Teague if Alastair said 'no'? I don't judge so. So wherefore not conscionable springiness [Teague] the quality and springiness it to him today?"

Lloyd argued back.

"I conscionable wonderment whether the improbable could happen, Caro: that if Alastair Clarkson decides not to manager astatine Carlton oregon manager anyplace adjacent twelvemonth that David could support his job," Lloyd said.

"It was unfathomable to deliberation of that 24 hours ago, but with this extending retired [of] the quality – it could beryllium different week – determination could beryllium beingness determination for David Teague to proceed connected astatine Carlton."

Wilson recovered Lloyd's presumption incomprehensible.

"I find that truly hard to believe," Wilson said.

"I can't spot it happening."

Footy Classified host Craig Hutchison enactment a hypothetical to Wilson, suggesting Carlton would beryllium successful strife if they sacked Teague and past discovered that Clarkson wasn't disposable to instrumentality implicit until a twelvemonth down the track.

That prompted Port Adelaide icon Kane Cornes to transportation in.

"Well past you're amended disconnected keeping David Teague, aren't you, Hutchy?" Cornes said.

"You wouldn't spell for a caller manager for different year. You'd conscionable fto David Teague spot retired his contract, wouldn't you?"

Carlton guardant Charlie Curnow consoles manager David Teague astatine three-quarter clip successful the Blues' past crippled of the 2021 season. (Getty)

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