At last, Apple may move the iPad front-facing camera horizontally

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(Pocket-lint) - A caller study suggests that Apple whitethorn yet look to clasp the iPad Pro arsenic a chiefly landscape-native device. 

The alteration would displacement the front-facing camera and Face ID sensor 90 degrees truthful that the components are champion optimised erstwhile attached to a keyboard folio, specified arsenic Apple’s highly-regarded Magic Keyboard case.

Future iPad Pro's volition diagnostic a horizontal camera placement and a horizontally placed Apple logo connected the back. Apple volition marque scenery mode the default for iPad Pro usage. I person not confirmed whether the adjacent procreation exemplary volition person this diagnostic but it is successful the works.

— Dylan (@dylandkt) September 23, 2021

Should Apple take to spell done with the revision, the determination would beryllium a ceremonial concession that the institution nary longer envisions the professional-level iPad arsenic a handheld media device but alternatively a much accepted laptop replacement based wrong the confines of a timeless keyboard and trackpad configuration. 

All grounds points to this being true, arsenic aft years of holding out, not lone did the Cupertino-natives yet adhd mouse enactment to iPadOS, but unabashedly clasp it with the aforementioned Magic Keyboard lawsuit - which tin beryllium seen connected to the iPad Pro successful astir each azygous property photograph the institution produces. 


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The leaker besides notes that the alteration would besides travel with a rotation of the Apple Logo connected the back, moving successful enactment with the caller camera strategy making the instrumentality look a batch much similar a MacBook alternatively than a vertically handheld iPad OS instrumentality (think iPad mini).  

For what it’s worth, connected the backmost of Apple’s authoritative Magic Keyboard case, the company’s logo already sits successful a scenery position. 

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