Android vs iPhone: Which is best for you?

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(Pocket-lint) - Few match-ups successful tech get bigger than this – the 1 involving that indispensable gadget you transportation astir successful your pouch each day. Should your smartphone beryllium moving Android? Or is the iPhone with iOS the smarter choice?

On the 1 hand, it's an incredibly analyzable question, due to the fact that each mobile OS covers truthful overmuch crushed and has truthful galore features to explore. On the different hand, it's really truly elemental – due to the fact that Android and iOS bash astir of the aforesaid worldly anyway, and mostly successful the aforesaid mode too.

Read connected for our usher to the cardinal differences and similarities you request to cognize about.

Android vs iPhone: basics


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Android is developed by Google. It sticks its ain Pixel-flavoured mentation connected its Pixel phones, and lets the likes of Samsung, Oppo, Sony and others adhd their ain skins connected apical for their ain hardware.

iOS is Apple's mobile OS for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It's developed successful tandem with the hardware, truthful Apple doesn't person to interest astir making the codification acceptable a 100 antithetic devices from a twelve antithetic manufacturers.

In essence, they're some precise similar. They some fto you marque calls, nonstop messages, instrumentality photos, and tally hundreds of apps to ticker movies, chat with your friends, work up connected the news, negociate your calendar, and truthful on.

They've besides borrowed a batch from each different down the years – issues that utilized to differentiate Android from the iPhone, similar notifications oregon widgets, don't substance arsenic overmuch arsenic they utilized to. There are inactive immoderate cardinal differences though, arsenic we'll get into.

Android vs iPhone: hardware


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The large vantage of Android successful presumption of hardware is that you've got so galore antithetic phones to prime from. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The Pixel 5. The Oppo Find X3 Pro. If Android is your prime past you've got a batch of manufacturers and models vying for your business.

With the iPhone and iOS, you've got a scope which is present divided successful 2 - connected the 1 hand, there's the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro launched successful 2020 - past the much affordable, older models similar the iPhone 11, iPhone SE and iPhone XR. 

Check retired our examination of each the iPhone models here: Which is the champion iPhone?

Android vs iPhone: features


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As we've said, overmuch is the aforesaid betwixt Android and iOS. We can't delve into each small item but broadly speaking determination are a fewer cardinal differences to cognize about.

Android is much customisable — if you don't similar the default SMS app oregon web browser, you tin alteration it. You tin slap widgets connected the location surface and permission gaps successful the rows of icons. You tin wholly alteration Android with a launcher app. While iOS present lets you adhd widgets, it's inactive rather rigid successful comparison. 

The iPhone and iOS besides tends to connection a much polished, unafraid acquisition – they don't endure the aforesaid slowdowns and information issues arsenic Android tin sometimes (but not always) beryllium prone to.

We'll speech a spot much astir the pros of some Android and iOS a small little down. But some are going to bash a good occupation of moving your smartphone: determination aren't immoderate killer, must-have features that you'll find connected 1 but not the other.

Android vs iPhone: apps


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You tin find astir large sanction apps connected some Android and the iPhone nowadays – determination aren't galore large bits of bundle that lone tally connected 1 level and not the other.

That said, galore caller apps (or app updates) often look connected iOS first, particularly games. You mightiness person to hold a small longer for your favourite rubric to marque it to Android.

In presumption of apps made by Apple and Google, you can, of course, get each of Google's cardinal apps connected your iPhone: successful information a batch of radical usage them alternatively of Apple's defaults. In contrast, the lone important app you tin get connected Android that's made by Apple is Apple Music.

Android vs iPhone: the lawsuit for Android


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Why would you take Android? It's much customisable, arsenic we've said. You get a broader prime of devices. It besides gives its apps much state – you tin get surface recorders and telephone recorders connected Android that Apple doesn't let connected the iPhone, for example. If you don't similar the default apps, you tin swap them out. Saying that, with the latest iOS versions, you tin present take antithetic default apps for services similar message and web browsing. 

Google's unreality apps are besides overmuch stronger than Apple's astatine the moment: comparison Gmail connected the web with Mail successful iCloud. You mightiness take Android if you privation to power betwixt a batch of devices regularly, alternatively than conscionable devices made by Apple.

In presumption of the built-in AI assistants, Google Assistant has the borderline implicit Siri, though Siri is nary slouch. This is getting much into the broader ecosystem that Google and Apple connection – which is an progressively important information erstwhile you're choosing betwixt Android and iOS.

Android vs iPhone: the lawsuit for iOS


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An iPhone guarantees you a stylish and unchangeable smartphone experience, and wide the interfaces of its menus and apps thin to person much polish than the Android equivalents (though there's not overmuch successful it erstwhile you enactment Apple's phones up against top-tier Android phones.

You tin reason astir the aesthetics and the interface, but there's nary uncertainty iPhones surely get bundle updates overmuch quicker than galore Android phones, and that has knock-on effects connected information and performance. Apple controls the hardware and the bundle of the iPhone, and that leads to a smartphone that's (usually) creaseless successful cognition and precise elemental to use.

Privacy is different large differentiator: Apple doesn't usage your information to people ads astatine you similar Google does, and keeps astir personalisation settings (such arsenic wherever your bureau is) stored locally connected devices alternatively than successful the cloud.

Android vs iPhone: summary

You tin attack the Android vs iPhone question from each kinds of angles: the plan of the existent phones, the customisation options successful the software, the fig of apps connected each platform, and truthful connected and truthful on. At this signifier determination are astir excessively galore examination points to support way of.

But the Android vs iPhone statement is present conscionable a portion of a overmuch bigger Google vs Apple battle. The champion prime of telephone for you is nary longer conscionable astir the telephone — it's besides astir however profoundly you're invested successful the ecosystems acceptable up by Google and Apple.

If you besides ain a MacBook and an iPad, past you'll find beingness overmuch easier with an iPhone, arsenic everything volition enactment unneurotic seamlessly. Those of you who've gone all-in connected Google — with Google Home speakers, Chromecasts, Gmail and Chromebooks — volition find Android the amended choice.

There are differences betwixt Android and iPhones – Android a small easier to customise, iOS a small easier to use, for illustration – but the question of which 1 you should beryllium utilizing present goes acold beyond these mobile operating systems.

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Writing by David Nield. Editing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 6 July 2018.

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