75 Fed Up Doctors Walk Off The Job In Protest Of Unvaccinated People Filling Up Hospitals

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Seventy-five doctors successful South Florida staged a protestation and walked disconnected the occupation to explicit their vexation astatine unvaccinated radical who are filling up hospitals.


75 doctors successful South Florida walkout successful protestation arsenic their infirmary is flooded with unvaccinated radical who got COVID. #MorningJoe https://t.co/tUpKArnTXc


MSNBC’s Morning Joe covered the protest.

Joe Scarborough said:

Just moments agone much than 75 doctors staged a walkout to protest the fig of covid patients coming to the hospital who person not been vaccinated.


I cognize the country precise well. What Americans don’t understand is for each unvaccinated person filling up an icu bed, that means with the hospitals jammed, somebody with a bosom attack, I’ve known idiosyncratic successful this position, goes there, has trouble getting in, can’t get treatment, can’t get a bed. It is simply a nightmare for the doctors, for the nurses. And to the doctors’ constituent of view, it’s worse yet for sick people that privation assistance from them. 

Doctors Say Vaccines Aren’t Political

The protesting doctors accidental that determination is thing governmental astir vaccines. The doctors privation radical to get vaccinated due to the fact that this is simply a aesculapian issue, and they are urging radical to get vaccinated.

The Unvaccinated Are Preventing Other Sick People From Receiving Care

There are galore dimensions to the selfishness of the unvaccinated, Beyond their jeopardizing of the wellness and payment of others. Even beyond the outgo and strain that they are imposing connected the healthcare strategy is the world that unvaccinated COVID patients are taking infirmary beds distant from different sick radical who request help.

Some different idiosyncratic whitethorn dice of an infection, bosom attack, oregon changeable due to the fact that idiosyncratic other successful their assemblage decided that their “freedom” is much important than keeping themselves and others safe.

Doctors and wellness attraction workers are fed up.

Unlike past year, determination is nary crushed for these radical to beryllium taking up abstraction successful hospitals. Vaccines are safe, effective, and free.

American nine has tally retired of patience with the unvaccinated, arsenic vexation is starting to boil over. The doctors’  protestation is simply a motion that America has nary sympathy for those who garbage to get vaccinated.

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