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Examples of Actual Press Releases

Here are a few examples of good press releases:
1. Product Releases
Bain & Company Launches NPS Prism, A New Business Press Release Services To Help Companies Create Game-Changing Customer Experiences

Marathon Brewing Releases Signature Beer, 26.2 Brew, Nationwide

2. Partnerships
Curacity Partners with CitizenNet to Turn Instagram Best Press Release Service into a Measurable, revenue-driving Platform for Hotels

Waterford Hotel Group and Waterton Forge Partnership to Grow Hospitality Footprint

3. Awards
Autosoft Recognized as a Best Place to Work in Pennsylvania Five Years Running

American Management Association (AMA) Named to 2019 Training Industry’s Top 20 Leadership Training Companies List

4. New Hires
PolyOne Board Elects Dr. Patricia Verduin as Best Press Release Distribution Director

ICF Appoints Mark Lee to Lead Public Sector Group

5. Technical Releases
ProcessPro ERP Releases New Cultivation Management System

Collateral Analytics Launches A New Commercial Automated Valuation Model

How to Distribute Your Press Release
You can distribute your press release Writing Service by personally sending it to journalists and news outlets or using a press release distribution service:

1. Distributing Personally
This method is more time consuming and requires you to have a list of established contacts for press coverage.

The upside to this, however, is the ability to personalize your pitches and build valuable contacts with people in the press industry. 

Dmitry's take
While it can be complicated to manually create Free Press Release Submission Sites an email pitch campaign which is personalized for individual journalists, you can use a service like JustReachOut to make the process hassle free.

Our software allows you to find the relevant journalists and send out targeted email pitches in small, curated batches with careful follow ups.

It also tracks email pitch activity and notifies you of opens, clicks, scrolls and responses from journalists. You can use it to tweak your email message for higher success.

Implement this tactic right now with our software.

2. Press Release Distribution Through a Syndication Service

When you use press release distribution services Press Release Submission Sites like PR Newswire, it distributes your press release to thousands of news agencies, TV stations and major networks instantly.

The downside to using distribution services that you miss out on the opportunity to connect personally with media contacts and build relationships. 

Additionally, this press release distribution method is Free Press Release Sites  costly as it usually costs $150- 300 per release. If you’re looking for a free press option, this is NOT the route to take!

Send an email pitch to a journalist right now with JustReachOut.

Over to You
There you have it.

You’re now armed with all the knowledge you need to craft the perfect press release that’ll blow the socks off any journalist.

It isn’t easy by any measure, but it’s certainly doable.

So go ahead and follow these steps to get the media coverage you know you deserve!

As promised, below is the free press release template for four different occasions to make the job easier for you! 

Free Press Release Template Examples
Here are 4 sample press release examples that you Video Press Release can use right away.

Just copy them into Google Docs or Microsoft Word, add your information, and you’re good to go!

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